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Your food can make a difference

Are you fed up with the lack of action on climate change? Well, there is something easy you can do to make a difference, starting from today!

Take the action into your own hands by cutting back on your own food waste – it’s so simple and one of the few personal habits that can help our planet.

Wasting food wastes your money, as well as precious natural resources. What’s more, when food goes to landfill it creates harmful methane gas that causes climate change. Take our quick quiz to find out what type of Food Fighter you are and what small change you can make to create a big impact.

Make your actions count towards addressing climate change by showing us what you can do!
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Did you know?

Australia wastes 7.3 million tonnes of food each year

That’s 298 kgs per person every year

That’s 298 kgs per person every year (the same weight as six adult kangaroos)

That’s 298 kgs per person every year

The average household can save up to $3000 per year by not wasting food

Show us what you’re doing to reduce food waste
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